Q#1 : Where do those products come from?

      A: Most of the products are supplied by Alibaba verified suppliers(Top 5 in its category) or famous indepedent brands,we have our own standard in chosing suppliers/products, we test&review before we sell; 

Q#2 : Do you ship to XXX?

     A: Most of our products can be shipped worldwide,you can verify your own country's availability by test order, upon fill in address, if blocks are available meaning we can ship to your address.

Q#3:How long can I receive my item?

      A: Please refer to our "Shipping Policy".

          Based on previous experiences, to USA&Canada&Austrilia averagely take 10 days; to Europe averagely take 15 days; FYR.

Q#3 : Do I have any warranty for item(s) purchased?

      A: Please refer to our "Terms of sale"

Q#4: How can I track my orders?

     A:You can track your orders by inputing order# from "Track Orders"( top or bottom menu)

Q#5: Can I return item and get refunded?

     A:Please refer to our "REFUND & RETURN POLICY"


If you have other questions which is not included above, please feel free to send us an email at : csteam@beansmotobooth.com

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